Today. Tomorrow. Forever. 

There is no going "back to normal". We can not and will not act like nothing happened in the past few months. It is really important that we KEEP addressing the systemic racism that we deal with every single day, in several forms and in different layers of society. Worldwide, in every country.

This is why this page is dedicated to educate you about systemic racism. This page will provide sources, information, petitions, books, films and so on.  - Educate yourself. 

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Signing petitions are very -and I can not stress this enough- very important. They DO make a difference. Why? Because petitions raise awareness for cases we need the most awareness for. Please sign them. If you click on the link, you go directly to the page where there will be information about the petitions and why you must sign them. Please let me know if I need to add more petitions via the contact form.

Zipcodes to use while signing: 

90015 - Los Angeles, California
10001 - New York City, New York
75001 - Dallas, Texas

George Floyd petitions

Breonna Taylor petitions

Petitions for more victims

Petitions for law change



Educate the people around you. Your parents, nieces, sisters and brothers. You can do this by raising awareness for the movement. To make it easier for you, use the letter for black lives right here. 


"I am white, but I do stand with black people and I do think change in this systemic system is needed, what can I do?"

If you are white and struggling in what to do or ways you can help, please read this article about 97 things white people can do for racial justice.


In order to recognize and/or understand the struggle, it is important that you are well-educated where our pain, but also our successes comes from. You can use this link to inform yourself about black history. 


Reversed racism is a myth. I listed down a few articles for you to read if you still think that reversed racism is a thing. Let me change your mind:

Article one 

Article two

Article three


...and why it is racist and should be BANNED . 

Black Pete is a so called "traditional" figure, who is seen as the helper of Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is the Dutch Santa clause, who comes around every November and December. People (e.g. parents) dress up as Black Pete or Sinterklaas, to entertain the children. While many still hold onto the idea of Black Pete being a helper, the history of Black Pete shows that his appearance is based on an enslaved person. To get to know a bit more about Black Pete, especially when you are not familiar with the "tradition", I suggest you watch this video. 

From here I will proceed in Dutch. All sources are in Dutch as well. 

Allereerst is het belangrijk om te weten wat de uiterlijke kenmerken van zwarte piet nu écht betekenen en waar zij nu écht vandan komen. De onderstaande afbeelding geeft dit perfect weer: 


In de onderstaande video legt Isabel Hoving (Universitair hoofddocent en schrijver) uit in wat voor fases Nederland zwarte piet heeft gekend en kent. Haar uitleg begint vanaf minuut 25:00. Deze video is belangrijk, omdat de aanwezigheid -of beter gezegd de afwezigheid van zwarte piet bij het Sinterklaasfeest, wordt uitgelicht. Is zwarte piet nou écht traditie? Of wil men dit graag geloven? 


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